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Information Sheet on Medicare

From the 1st November, 2006, Medicare rebates may apply for consultations with a psychologist. You can claim up to ten consultations per calendar year (or rolling 12-month period). From 1st November 2017, rural, remote and very remote Australians, who live more than 15 kilometers away from their psychologist, may be able to access psychological services online.

A Medicare rebate may be claimed for a range of therapeutic purposes, including:

It would appear that relationship counselling and quitting smoking are not yet covered under Medicare. Although the latter has benefit for early health interventions. Perhaps this will change in future. Until then, you can claim a rebate under private health insurance, extras cover.

In order to claim your Medicare rebate, you will need to obtain a referral from your G.P. or psychiatrist. You must also bring a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) when referred by your G.P. Initially, you are referred to a psychologist for up to six consultations . Thereafter, you will need to return to your G.P. or psychiatrist for a review and re-referral under Medicare.

Eligible rural, remote and very remote Australians can access seven of their ten consultations online. In order to meet Medicare requirements as well as RACHEL ABRAMSON  & ASSOCIATES intake requirements, eligible rural, remote and very remote Australians, living in Victoria, will need to attend our offices for the first, second and seventh consultations. Remaining seven consultations can be obtained via zoom.us, a secure video conferencing facility. Rural, remote and very remote Australians do not need to have a zoom.us account. They just need to have their own reliable internet service, along with a camera and microphone on the device they use to access the internet.

If you have any queries or concerns about seeing a psychologist under Medicare, feel free to speak to us, a Medicare staff member or your preferred GP.

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