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Helping You Reach Your Full Potential: Entrepreneurially

RACHEL ABRAMSON & ASSOCIATES draws on a range of tools and theories to help you reach your full potential: Entrepreneurially. These tools and theories include neuroscience, Ericksonian hypnosis, Solution Oriented Counselling, Neuro-linguistic Programming, healthy aging, habit formation, Holland's RIASEC model, adult learning principles, logotherapy and goal setting theories. Our workshops are both informative and practical. Workshops are also tailored to the needs of each participant in a safe, small-group environment.

Bullet Proof Your Business

Four Pillars of BusinessDr. Abramson has coined the term Four Pillars of Business. Like the four legs of a table, each pillar is important to the successful operations of a business. If any one pillar is weaker than the remaining three, that pillar will hold your business back or hold it down. It therefore becomes important for business owners to develop the necessary skills across the four pillars of business as early on in their business as they can. It is equally imperative that business owners continue to develop their knowledge and skills across the four pillars of business so that they can grow sustainably strong successful businesses.

The four pillars are strategy and entrepreneurship, finance, marketing and resourcing.

Setting Your Fees

The first pillar, strategy and entrepreneurship, is a complex one. Strategy, itself, determines the business' roadmap. It sets the direction for the business short-term, medium-term and long-term. However, the success of a business' strategy relies on its business owner - the lead entrepreneur. It is the business owner who sets the business' direction and it is the business owner that determines the ultimate success of a business' strategy. Many new business owners do not see themselves as distinct entities from that of their businesses. And, in many ways, they are their business and their business is part of who they are. Yet, it is the interplay between the business owner - the lead entrepreneur - and the business itself that determines how well this pillar operates within the business.

Bullet Proof Your Business Strategy, along with both its advanced levels, will show you how to set up, run and grow your business. The foundation workshop focuses on setting up and running your business, while both advanced workshops focus on strategically growing your business. As part of the foundation workshop, you will learn the four key qualities of entrepreneurship and how to develop them. And, the beautiful thing about entrepreneurship, is that it is eminently learnable. Bullet Proof Your Business Strategy and both its advanced workshops are offered over three consecutive Sundays. Advanced workshops in strategy and entrepreneurship are offered every alternate year. As they are being offered in 2019, they will be next offered in 2021.

Dr. Rachel Abramson InterviewThe second pillar, finance, determines how profitable a business is, irrespective of the level of income earned. It may be the pillar that business owners shy away from the most. Indeed, the money-side of business operations may be distasteful to some. However, this pillar is crucial to the ongoing sustainability of the business. If this pillar is underdeveloped, then the business may struggle in spite of how much the business earns. If this pillar continues to be underdeveloped, the business may ultimately fold. Bullet Proof Your Business Finance will show you how to manage your business, financially. Even if you hate numbers, you will find this workshop good fun and easy to apply. Bullet Proof Your Business Finance is offered over two consecutive Sundays each year.

Dr. Rachel Abramson Interview #3The third pillar, marketing, is the pillar that business owners tend to focus their attention on the most. This may be no surprise as this pillar helps businesses reach their customers, and hence, determines the level of business income. The more successful this pillar of business, the more customers that can be reached and served. When this pillar is considered in conjunction with the second pillar, the increased income that comes from serving more customers will translate into increased profitability. Bullet Proof Your Business Marketing will show you a range of marketing tools that you can use to market your own business. You will also learn which combination of marketing initiatives will work best for your business, and why. When you combine what you will learn from this workshop with those you will learn in Bullet Proof Your Finance, you can ensure your increased income will translate to increased profitability. Bullet Proof Your Business Marketing is offered over four consecutive Sundays each year.

Bullet Proof Your Business

The final pillar of business, resourcing, is the pillar that addresses the how of business operations. It addresses the resources necessary in order that the business can serve its customers. This pillar, while equally important to the remaining three, is often the least-considered pillar by business owners. And, in so doing, may be doing the business a great disservice over the long-term. Bullet Proof Your Business Resources will show you how best to resource your own business. Bullet Proof Your Business Resources is offered over three consecutive Sundays each year.

Previous workshop participants are welcome to revisit workshops already attended on a complimentary basis. If you have attended one of our Bullet Proof Your Business or its predecessors in previous years, simply email Dr. Abramson and let her know which workshop you would like to revisit.

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