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Helping You Reach Your Full Potential: Money-Wise

RACHEL ABRAMSON & ASSOCIATES draws upon a range of tools and theories to help you reach your full potential: Money-wise. These tools and theories include Dr. Abramson's research on the psychology of the share investor, as well as research on the psychological meaning of money.

The Psychological Meaning of Money

Psychological Meaning of Money

The meaning of money from a psychological perspective is a fascinating area. Who could have imagined that your childhood experiences could influence how you think and feel about money today. Who would have thought that your thoughts and attitudes towards money may have an impact on your personal, professional, entrepreneurial and investment life. If you work for someone else, for instance, it may have an impact in how much (or how little) you ask for in return for what you contribute to your employer. Similarly, if you are in business, it may affect how much (or how little) you charge for your products and services.

Dr. Abramson provides the following three talks on the psychological meaning of money. Each talk discusses a different dimension of how our thoughts and attitudes around money can play out at home and work. Each talk also provides practical tips and strategies you can use to take charge over your psychology around money.

The Psychology of the Share Investor

Psychology of Share Investors

The psychology of share investing is equally fascinating. The investment world would have us believe that investors are rational and that anything that happens that appears irrational is an aberration --- an anomaly of some kind. However, based on research in behavioral finance, as well as Dr. Abramson's own research, investors are not rational --- they are very human.

Psychological Aspects of Wealh Creation

Dr. Abramson delivers the following three talks on the psychology of the share investor. She asks you to complete a mini questionnaire at the first of the three talks you attend. In this way, you will get self-learning as well as self-education. And, in so doing, place yourself in a better position to make more informed investment decisions.

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Bookings can be made online through our Eventbrite Page. Further information can be obtained by telephoning or texting Dr. Abramson on 0418 149 506 during normal business hours. Alternatively, you can email Dr. Rachel Abramson. She responds to emails within 48 hours.

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