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What to do When You Get to the Interview

This article provides career tips on how to present yourself before, during and after the interview:

Career Tip No. 1: Before the Interview --- Preparation:

Before the interview, it is important to know yourself, as well as the position you are applying for. Much of this work may have already been done when you were preparing your application. (See: Getting That First Job or Returning to Work). So, all that needs to be done now, is to review your capabilities and select at least three examples of each to talk about at the interview. Moreover, it is a good idea to review the position you are applying for, along with any thoughts and reflections you may have on its current situation.

Career Tip No. 2: Before the Interview --- Rehearse the Interview:

It is often useful to rehearse the interview with a trusted friend, colleague or myself - a career counsellor. Rehearsing the interview will enable you to rehearse your answers to typical interview questions. You will receive feedback on your responses, which in turn, will provide guidance on what to say or do on the big day. Here are some typical interview questions and how you might answer them:

Career Tip No. 3: At the Interview:

The interview starts when you walk onto the company's premises and it ends when they have shown you out the front door. For this reason, it is worth your while to ensure you arrive five minutes early. That way, you can check your attire and take a deep breathe, before walking onto the company's premises. You will walk onto the premises feeling calm and confident. You will also find that many of those rehearsed questions will be asked at the interview (in one form or another). So, you can relax and showcase your capabilities. If there are any questions you hadn't prepared for, you can give yourself the time to consider your response before replying. And for the rest, feel free to let your enthusiasm for the role shine through.

Career Tip No. 4: After the Interview:

After the interview, you can follow up on anything promised. You may want to re-assess your degree of interest in the position. You can then send a letter or email, thanking the interviewers for the interview. If still interested, let them know of your continued interest. If not, you could politely let them know that this is the case. Doing so, will enable you to maintain good relations with the interviewers should you cross paths in the future.

Whilst you may not get the first job you interview for, you may find that you ultimately receive several job offers at once. When that day arrives, you will be in a position to make an informed choice. So until then, keep researching, keep smiling, and happy hunting.

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