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Helping You Reach Your Full Potential: Professionally

Standing Out

RACHEL ABRAMSON & ASSOCIATES draws upon a range of tools and theories to help you reach your full potential: Professionally. These tools and theories include Holland's RIASEC model, goal setting theories, healthy and helpful habit formation, logotherapy and neuroscience. We also make use of vocational and personality assessment in the early stages of our work together.

The Search For Meaning --- Finding One's True Calling

Recognising Your True Calling

Viktor Frankl recognised the very human need to find meaning in what we do. We all have a deep-seated need to find our true calling, our sense of purpose and to work in a field that we fully enjoy. We are defined by our occupation, just as much as we are by our personal relationships. So much so that one of the first questions we are often asked upon meeting someone for the first time is what do you do for a living? If we enjoy what we do, we can answer with delight; almost as if we are saying Gosh! And people pay me to do this! By contrast, if we hate our work, negative feelings may percolate to the surface as we answer that question. We might even find ourselves bemoaning Mondays while singing with delight on Fridays.

Resumes that Excel

In the CAREER DAYZ® Program we help you to identify your interests and aptitudes in relation to the world of work. In so doing, we place you on the path to your true calling. As part of this process, you will receive a vocational report. This Program will also help with the practicalities of following through on your career path, including CV, cover letters, key selection criteria, job interview, keeping yourself employable, hidden job market, marketing yourself and overcoming barriers to career advancement. In short, this Program can help you address what you need to follow your true calling.

Getting that First Job What to do When You Get to the Interview Returning to Work

Bullet Proof Your Career

Commonly Asked Interview Questions

Managing one's career can be a dream for some people and hard work for others. Problem is that we don't know what we don't know. If your career is advancing well, it may not matter if you know what it is you are doing. However, if it is not going so well, it may be time to take stock of what is going on.

Bullet Proof Your Career follows on from the CAREER DAYZ® Program. In Bullet Proof Your Career, you will learn how to draw upon the power of neuroscience and the power of your subconscious mind to reach more of your career potential. If you would like to attend this workshop, feel free to email Dr. Rachel Abramson or follow her on Eventbrite. Bookings for our next intake can be made via our Eventbrite page.

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How to Book a Consultation

Bookings and enquiries can also be made by contacting Dr. Abramson during normal business hours. She responds to emails within 48 hours. Appointments can be made Sundays to Thursdays, 10.00a.m. to 6.00p.m.

Consultation fees are $99.00 (weekdays) and $132 (Sundays). Fees are payable by cash or cheque at the time of each consultation and include 10% GST.

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William Shakespeare.

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