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Psychology of Money

On Retail Therapy

Many of us have jokingly described shopping as retail therapy. Yet, the label may be more apt than we realise.

They say that when the tough get going, the tough go shopping.

We often use shopping as a means of making ourselves feel good. Yet, how many garments do we have hanging in our wardrobes? Garments that we may have never worn? How many shoes? How many gadgets have we purchased? Maybe we still have gadgets stored in their original packaging. Perhaps we have had them tucked away in the garage, laundry or shed.

Many of us are aware of how we might use food to soothe ourselves if we are feeling lonely, bored, frustrated, anxious or depressed. We may also be using shopping as another means of soothing ourselves. And, if this is the case, then shopping may indeed be a form of retail therapy.

If you don't like the impact retail therapy is having on you, perhaps it is time to declutter your wardrobe, garage, laundry and shed. You can then explore alternate ways of self-soothing, ways that can enhance your health and better protect your wealth.

How we view money has an impact on how we handle it personally, professionally, entrepreneurially and money-wise. Retail therapy is just a small part of that picture. In future weeks, I will add to this discussion with further thoughts, tips and suggestions on the psychology of money. So, be sure to bookmark this page so that you can return to it on a regular basis.

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